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International Spearfishing Academy

International Spearfishing Academy

Throughout history, man’s love for the ocean was evident in every civilization. There is a bond that has always kept us attached to the sea whether it’s searching for adventure and exploration or seeking food to provide for our selves and loved ones. No matter what the reason, we always knew that this relationship is surrounded by danger and many challenges, which is what probably made it more appealing.

We at the International Spearfishing Academy started with that love for the ocean and all its creatures. We want you to see our oceans as a GOD given gift that has to be protected for future generations. We want to change the misconception about spearfishing being a bloody sport that’s only about killing fish, and show you that it's practiced consciously to harvest food sustainably. Above all, mastering this activity is an art that demonstrates our appreciation and respect for the marine environment. What we take from the ocean we must give back.

So, with the help of our sea-loving friends, a group of expert spear-fishermen and scientists embarked on a journey to create the first structured, specific, methodical spearfishing training programme. This program is the result of curating years of research and expertise put together to form a simple-to-understand, state of the art, hands-on training that will make spearfishing safer, more productive and environmentally conscious.

Join us on this journey and try this amazing sport, and maybe one day even teach it to others. We promise you that it will change your life forever.

Dr. Jamal Al-khanji, Founder and CEO

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